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Tip 1: When you first start using a Mac, it is easy to be confused about all of the options available. You’re not alone. I didn’t understand my Mac at all, when all of a sudden it would crash and I had to restart. This was my initial reaction. These problems are no longer a problem after I have learned the different ways to clean my Mac.
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Tip: If you’re a beginner Mac user, it’s easy to get ambivalent towards all Mac stuff. That’s why it’s highly recommended learning more about this exciting Mac world here first before getting started with Mac cleaning and speed tweaks. You should be aware of the fact that Mac OS has existed since the 80s. You should also keep in mind that older Macs may be affected by bugs, which can cause slowdowns and decreases in speed. So, to prevent such problems from occurring, there are several simple and easy steps you can take to clean how to clean up mac your Mac.

Tip: Remember to keep your favourite and most frequently used applications safe when you clean your Mac. You can end up with a lot more “empty space” in your main memory. It slows down the speed of your Mac’s main memory, and takes away its ability to scan the contents quickly. In order to improve my Mac’s speed, I remove all non-essential apps. Because this adds unnecessary space to my Mac’s registry, it’s important that I do not store too much data.

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We understand how it feels to have one of your most treasured possessions – a phone – damaged. Even a small crack on their screen gives you a panic attack. Fret not! We are backed by a team of highly qualified and skilled engineers with years of relevant experience under their belts.

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We offer free pickup and drop service anywhere in Bangalore. Book an appointment to schedule pickup.

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Our qualified technicians perform a quick repair of your valuable gadget, so you can get back to your daily routine in no time.

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You can sit back and relax peacefully while our certified technicians fix your device and drop it to you on your doorstep.





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Friendly with good customer service. Came in for a glass screen and was helped thoroughly to make sure there was no dust or air bubbles on my screen. Will definitely come by again for other services.

Smriti yadav


My iPhone speaker was not working. I ordered doorstep service. The service was convenient, speedy, &  the price seemed reasonable. The phone is working in excellent condition now. Thank you!

Om Prakash




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